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We don’t reach out to non-Christians because they’re different from us. We reach out because they’re like us. We were once God’s enemy, and now we proclaim the message of reconciliation.
Alan Shlemon | Theology | June 20, 2018
Kids need to understand these emotion-laden shaming attempts they’ll encounter. Here’s how parents can prepare them.
Natasha Crain | Apologetics | June 19, 2018
Alan shares important tips for having productive interactions about your convictions on the internet.
Alan Shlemon | Christianity & Culture, Miscellaneous | June 18, 2018
The Supreme Court said the government has no role in deciding whether a religious belief is legitimate, and this could put an end to some arguments against religious liberty.
Amy K. Hall | Christianity & Culture | June 14, 2018
Many abortion advocates assert that a human isn’t valuable until he or she leaves the womb. But how does a journey down the birth canal suddenly change a non-valuable human to valuable human person?
Tim Barnett | Bio-Ethics | June 12, 2018
Greg explains what role the fruit of the Spirit plays in the life of the Christian and whether it's an indicator of regeneration.
Greg Koukl | Miscellaneous | June 11, 2018

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June 20, 2018
Greg answers questions on hermeneutics of the Old Testament and whether God contradicts His Word.
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June 18, 2018
Greg answers questions about the transmission of the Bible, “Aunt Sally’s secret sauce,” and God crediting faith as righteousness.
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June 15, 2018
Greg gives tools for explaining how God grounds morality and evil is evidence for His existence, then he takes calls about doing a Bible study with a skeptic, our responsibility for sin, the temple, and more.
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Jesus of Nazareth is a true man of history, but His history started long before He was born. He is a true man, but He is no ordinary man. He is the Son of David, the future King, the promised Rescuer, the Messiah, the only Christ.

Solid Ground | Theology | Greg Koukl | May 1, 2018

Jesus asked 284 questions during evangelistic conversations in the Gospels, and we should take a cue from our Master. Here are four reasons why questions are so powerful.

article | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | June 1, 2018

These 3 verses crush a common fear…do you know them?

article | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | June 1, 2018