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What Should I Say to Someone Who’s Apathetic?

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Published on 05/03/2024

Greg responds to questions he received about speaking to someone who’s apathetic and the Spirit’s role in evangelism, then he talks to callers about whether churches need a lead pastor, Jesus’ words in Matthew 27:46, and answering a Mormon’s objections to the Trinity.


  • Commentary: What should I say to someone who’s apathetic? (00:00)
  • Even if we have several rotating preaching pastors, should we still have a lead pastor guiding the church? (20:00)
  • Why didn’t you include Jesus’ words in Matthew 27:46, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” in your Solid Ground on the atonement? (28:00)
  • How should I respond to a Mormon who challenges the Trinity by claiming it’s an extra-biblical concept created by the Council of Nicea and by asking who Jesus was praying to if he’s God? (38:00)

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