How Does the Holy Spirit Communicate with Believers?

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Published on 04/26/2024

Greg answers questions about how the Holy Spirit communicates with believers, giving prophetic words to people, resources on Christian nationalism, whether Satan is at work in the world, increasing our aggressiveness in this culture, and Ray Comfort’s approach.


  • How does the Holy Spirit communicate with believers? (00:00)
  • What can I do to soften someone’s heart who has rejected the prophetic word I received for them? (15:00)
  • Can you recommend any resources on the topic of Christian nationalism? (25:00)
  • How should I respond to someone who says Satan is no longer at work in the world? (35:00)
  • Has the time come for us to be more aggressive with our apologetics in order to be heard by the culture? (44:00)
  • What are your thoughts on Ray Comfort’s approach to evangelism, and how does it differ from the approach you would take? (50:00)

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