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Truth and Compassion in Action

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Alan's monthly letter for March 2015

Gay activists prepared to protest FIRE Church in Concord, North Carolina. Their event leader posted their plan on Facebook: “We will have a silent protest …

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Frank Turek - Stealing from God (March 3, 2015)

Host: Greg Koukl

Guest: Frank Turek - Stealing from God (00:00) Commentary: Trip to Calgary (01:00) Commentary: New Apostolic Movement (02:00)

Caller/topic: 1. Personal experience with the New …

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You Can’t Get Western Morality from Science


Atheist John Gray argues in the Guardian that atheists who think science alone can support their preferred system of morality are fooling themselves:

It’s probably just as well that the …

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Links Mentioned on the 3/03/15 Show

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The following is a rundown of this week's podcast, annotated with links that were either mentioned on the show or inspired by it:


Guest: Frank Turek –  Stealing from …

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Misquoting God Part 2 - March 2015

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In this issue of Solid Ground, I show you how to focus on the flow of a Biblical text to understand the meaning. I use passages routinely misunderstood to demonstrate the power of following …

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Weighing a Chicken with a Yardstick

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Can science disprove the existence of the soul? Here Greg deals with advances in computer science and neurology, and the limitations of science.

I received a letter from a listener last week. Some …

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The Eternal Consequences of False Ideas

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Brett's monthly letter for October 2007

Dear Friend,

I primarily work out of my home office. But Starbucks is my second office, not only because I love their coffee but because there are three …

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Not Making the Social Justice Issue List

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Alan's monthly letter for January 2011

Dear Friend,

It’s trendy to talk about social justice these days. Poverty. Human trafficking. The homeless. These social ills stir up images of helpless …

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