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Impacting Lives in New Zealand

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New Zealand is a thoroughly secular nation. Of its 4.4 million people, it is estimated a mere 5% are evangelical Christians, and the church’s influence on New Zealand’s culture is …

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John Stonestreet - Restoring All Things (May 19, 2015)

(2 Hour Broadcast)

Guest Host: Brett Kunkle Co-host: Tim Barnett

Commentary: Thoughts on What Youth Ministry Is Needed (00:00) Guest: John Stonestreet - Restoring All Things: God’s Audacious …

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Our Worldviews Influence the Way We Live

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Our worldviews influence the way we live, the values that guide us. Some worldviews support and ground values better than others. Christianity explains human value better than any other worldview, …

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Did God Condone Slavery?


God regulated slavery in the Old Testament...does that mean He approves of it? And if He doesn't, why did He allow it?

Since God regulated slavery in the Old Testament, does this automatically mean …

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The Future of the Church


Dear Friend,

Where is the U.S. church heading? It’s an important question, but do we have any clues about the church’s direction? We do, according to prominent marketing researcher …

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Same-Sex Marriage: It's Time to Discriminate


Dear Friend,

I think discrimination is great. I think we should discriminate based on age, sex, disability, and sexual orientation. And I bet most Americans agree with me.

We should discriminate …

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