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The Gospel According to Columbo

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What if Lieutenant Columbo was a Christian? Instead of solving a crime, his task would be to present the Gospel. What would he say? How would he say it?

At Stand to Reason, we’ve always been …

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New Addition to the Quick-Reference App

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We’ve just added an “Intolerance of Tolerance” module to our Quick-Reference App. If you’re not familiar with the app (which, if you don’t have a smart phone or tablet, …

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Links Mentioned on the 2/05/16 Show

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The following is a rundown of today's podcast, annotated with links that were either mentioned on the show or inspired by it:

Guest: Dr. Hugh Ross – Living on the Autism Spectrum and …

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#STRask - February 8, 2016

What do you do when you have a business relationship with a friend who is or was a professing Christian but is now living in sin?

How much temptation is from man's nature as opposed to Satan? Is …

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Is It Unloving to Tell People They Are Sinners?


Is it unloving to tell people they are sinners? While thinking about this question, an analogy immediately came to mind that I think brilliantly articulates why telling people they are sinners is not …

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The Importance of Studying Apologetics Regularly

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Alan shares how he uses apologetics in conversation.


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I was recently asked, what is the role of apologetics? What is the value for the average Christian in studying …

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Mormonism: Same Language, Different Meanings

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Brett explains how to navigate in conversation with your Mormon friends when the language is the same but the meanings are different.


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How do you navigate a …