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Do You Live in a Two-Story House?

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Brett's monthly letter for February 2015

During the 2012 Vice Presidential debate, moderator Martha Raddatz of ABC News raised the issue of abortion to candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. “I …

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Memorizing the Bible Changes You

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Joe Carter has a five-part series on memorization over at the Gospel Coalition that’s worth reading. I’m a huge proponent of memorizing the Bible:

When we have the entire Bible …

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Object to the Procedure, Not the Patient


A doctor in Michigan wrongly refused to take a lesbian couple’s baby as a patient. This is simply a misunderstanding and misapplication of the conscience rights people have been fighting for. …

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The Bible and Homosexuality (Video)


There are many different opinions on this divisive topic in the Church today. So what does the Bible say?

So, here’s the thing. We totally get that there are important and controversial …

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Plugging In...To God's Word

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Brett's monthly letter for March 2010

Dear Friend,

Daunting. Perhaps impossible. It may have been my biggest challenge in 7 years with Stand to Reason: effectively teach students how to read and …

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Are You Ready to Talk to a Muslim?

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Alan's monthly letter for November 2011

Dear Friend,

At a recent event, I was introduced as Saeed Ibn Umar. Yes, that’s a Muslim name. But no, it’s not a pseudonym and I haven’t …

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