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I Need Your Partnership in 2015!

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Brett's monthly letter for January 2015

I write this while sitting at a Salt Lake City Starbucks, on my final out-of-town event of 2014. When this year is over, I will have spent 165 days speaking …

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Worship Music and Aesthetics (January 20, 2015)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Worship Music and Aesthetics (00:00) Commentary: God Ordains Ends, but He Uses Means (01:00) Commentary: Religious Incoherence (02:00)

Caller/topic: 1. How do I respond …

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All Paths Do Lead to God


A reminder from Kevin DeYoung:

All paths lead to God, but only one path will present you before God without fault and with great joy.

Pick a path, any path—it will take you to God. Trust me: …

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Understand the Same-Sex Marriage Issue


The Supreme Court will soon be ruling on whether or not the Constitution allows for defining marriage as one man and one woman. If you’re the kind of person who cares about treating people …

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The Bible and Homosexuality (Video)


There are many different opinions on this divisive topic in the Church today. So what does the Bible say?

So, here’s the thing. We totally get that there are important and controversial …

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How the "Why" Transforms the "What"

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Brett's monthly letter for July 2007

Dear Friend,

I don’t want students to merely believe true things. That’s a good start but it’s not enough. I want students to have knowledge. …

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Is There a Life Unworthy of Life?

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Alan's monthly letter for April 2012

Dear Friend,

I was recently invited to USC to present the pro-life view and debate abortion-choice students in the prestigious Keck School of Medicine.

Since …

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Misquoting God - Solid Ground January 2015

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Yes, the Bible is thick with “precious and magnificent promises.”  And yes, God keeps His promises to us. But He only keeps those promises that are legitimately ours. How do we know …

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