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A Reason for the Hope

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Brett's monthly letter for April 2014

The Apostle Peter says to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (I Peter 3:15 …

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Student Worldview Training

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Summit Ministries has been equipping Christian students to think more deeply and robustly about their Christian convictions, preparing them for the challenges they'll face as they leave home and …

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Webcast Tuesday

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Greg is live online today 4-7 p.m. PT. Give him a call with your question or comment at (855) 243-9975, outside the U.S. (562) 424-8229. 

Listen live online. Join us on Twitter during the …

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Is Jesus the Only Way?

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"Jesus is the only way to God" may be the most controversial claim of Christianity, so we had better have good reason for it. And I think we do.

“Jesus is the only way to God” may be the …

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Less Is More: A Case for the Resurrection

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Alan's monthly letter for July 2013

Dear Friend,

Go ahead and skip church this Sunday. No need to give thanks for your next meal. You might as well throw this letter in the trash, too. Christianity …

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