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Getting Out of the Hot Seat

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The key is to get out of the hot seat, but still stay engaged, deftly shifting control of the conversation back to you while shifting the spotlight—and the pressure—back on him.  …

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Incest: Another Disordered Image of Worship


In an article on Public Discourse, Christopher Tollefsen writes of Aquinas’s three natural-law-based reasons why incestuous unions ought to be forbidden, and one of those reasons touches on an …

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Want to Be an Apologist Missionary in New Zealand?

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Thinking Matters, an apologetics organization in New Zealand, is looking for someone who’d like to be an apologist missionary in their country for a year. This is the organization that brought …

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New Ambassador for Christ Video

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What does it mean to be an ambassador for Christ? How do you become a more skilled ambassador? Our first motion graphics video (more to come!) answers that question for you with the Ambassador Model ( …

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Smart People Can Make Dumb Mistakes

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“It is not necessary to invoke God to…set the Universe going,” concludes Stephen Hawking in his latest book, The Grand Design. Denying God is old hat, but this comes from a world- …

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Why Would God Want Us to Praise Him?

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God isn't just an egomaniac. Our praise is right, good, and joy-giving.

Why would God want us to praise and worship Him? This is a question I hear every so often since we immediately assume that a …

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