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Should We Ban Conversion Therapy?

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When Joshua Alcorn turned 14, he told his Christian parents he was a girl named Leelah. Three years later, he stepped in front of oncoming freeway traffic and killed himself. Many people in the media …

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The Explanatory Power of Christianity (May 5, 2015)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: The Explanatory Power of Christianity (00:00) Commentary: What’s Your View on Same-sex Marriage? (01:00)

Caller/topic: 1. Will there be movies in Heaven? (00:24) 2 …

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The Christian Worldview Grounds Human Dignity


On Fridays, we’ve been talking about worldviews—in particular, their views of the human person and how those various views affect the way human persons are treated. 

Along those …

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Links Mentioned on the 5/05/15 Show

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The following is a rundown of this week's podcast, annotated with links that were either mentioned on the show or inspired by it:


Commentary: The Explanatory Power of …

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Did God Condone Slavery?


God regulated slavery in the Old Testament...does that mean He approves of it? And if He doesn't, why did He allow it?

Since God regulated slavery in the Old Testament, does this automatically mean …

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The Future of the Church


Dear Friend,

Where is the U.S. church heading? It’s an important question, but do we have any clues about the church’s direction? We do, according to prominent marketing researcher …

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Same-Sex Marriage: It's Time to Discriminate


Dear Friend,

I think discrimination is great. I think we should discriminate based on age, sex, disability, and sexual orientation. And I bet most Americans agree with me.

We should discriminate …

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