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Is God in Time?


Put your thinking caps on today. We're going to talk about time.

It's common for us to make the comment "The spaceless, timeless God" or "Then we'll pass out of time, into eternity."  However, …

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Michael Krueger on Bart Ehrman's New Book (April 22, 2014)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Christianity Is Rational and Defensible (00:00) Commentary: Does Evil Contradict a Good God? (01:00) Interview: Michael Krueger on Bart Ehrman’s New Book (02:00) …

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Totally Dedicated to Science and Religion


Einstein said of Michael Faraday "that he, of all people, had made the greatest change in our conception of reality." He was one of the most famous scientists of his time.

Faraday lived from 1791 to …

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Welcome to the Kingdom. Now What?


C. Michael Patton from Reclaiming the Mind and Credo House has written a great little book to help new believers become disciples – Now That I'm a Christian: What It Means to Follow Jesus. …

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Links Mentioned on the 4/22/14 Show

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The following are links that were either mentioned on this week's show or inspired by it, as posted live on the @STRtweets Twitter feed:

Reasons to Believe – Hugh Ross's …

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Is Jesus the Only Way?

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"Jesus is the only way to God" may be the most controversial claim of Christianity, so we had better have good reason for it. And I think we do.

“Jesus is the only way to God” may be the …

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Less Is More: A Case for the Resurrection

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Alan's monthly letter for July 2013

Dear Friend,

Go ahead and skip church this Sunday. No need to give thanks for your next meal. You might as well throw this letter in the trash, too. Christianity …

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