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reTHINK Student Conference

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Brett's monthly letter for October 2014

1,008? That’s what the text message stated, but it was still difficult to believe. 1,008? I had asked the administrative assistant at Crossline …

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Before a Hostile Audience (October 15, 2014)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Before a Hostile Audience (00:00) Commentary: Houston Subpoenas Churches and Pastors (01:00) Commentary: Tribute to Gretchen Passantino (01:32)

Caller/topic: 1. …

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"Our Minds May Be Separate from Our Brains"

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Medical Daily reports in “Near-Death Experiences Suggest Consciousness Continues Beyond Death”:

A new study of cardiac arrest patients indicates that 46 percent had memories …

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10 Years at STR and Counting...

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It’s my Stand to Reason employment anniversary this weekend. I’ve been working with STR for 10 years, and I’m just getting started.

I can summarize by saying this: It’s my …

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Challenge Response: Knowledge Is the Enemy of Faith

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Here's my response to this week's challenge:


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The claim that knowledge is the mortal enemy of faith is a scientific fact, according to this challenge. I want you to …

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Was Jesus a Universalist?

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Brett's monthly letter for May 2011

Dear Friend,

It may be the most controversial Christian book in years. Of course, Hell is always a hot topic. “Rock star” pastor Rob Bell (of NOOMA …

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We're Arguing Definitions, Not Rights

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Does the traditional marriage definition of "one man, one woman" take away some people's rights?

One common misconception in the same-sex marriage debate is the idea that the traditional legal …

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Muslim Followers of Christ?

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Alan's monthly letter for November 2010

Dear Friend,

I met a pastor from Bangladesh last month. He left Islam in 1978, now oversees several churches, and has a heart to see more Muslims come to …

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