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How to Get Out of a Corner


The Christian gets pigeon-holed as the judgmental one, but everyone else is judging, too. It’s an inescapable consequence of believing in morality.

I have a friend who is a deeply committed …

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The Answer for Making Good Decisions


Chandler Vannoy wrote about “What We Get Wrong about ‘Finding God’s Will,’” and it’s always a good time to be reminded of this:

The phrase we have all heard& …

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Student Resources


Does truth exist? Can we really know the truth? Isn't all truth just relative to you and your group? We'll help you think about what is true and how the truth can actually transform your life. …

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God, Evolution, and Morality Part 2

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In this month’s edition, I explain why challenges from atheists like, “We can be good without God threats,” and, “If there were no God, would you still be good?& …

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Trusting in the Truth


Brett's monthly letter for November 2010

Dear Friend,

“I like to go hear my dad speak. It makes me feel safe.”

“What do you mean?” my wife Erin replied to this surprising …

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An Apologetic for Apologetics

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Alan's monthly letter for June 2010

Dear Friend,

Is apologetics a biblical concept? This is a fair question. Christians want to know if apologetics is sanctioned by God. It turns out that God cares …

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