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Our Society Should Not Stifle Religious Dissent

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Andrew Walker warns of our society’s need for allowing religious dissent and the danger of denying religious liberty:

Protecting religious dissent is at the foundation of America’s …

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Podcast | Miscellaneous, Philosophy, Theology

#STRask - July 25, 2016

Host: Greg Koukl

When competing arguments are made by different experts on a topic outside of your realm, how do you make a sound decision?

What is a renewed mind, and how do you do it, how do you …

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Who's Waiting for You?


Academic life is becoming less and less accepting of Christian values. Are you ready for who’s waiting for you on campus? Find out more here.

Podcast | Philosophy, Science, Theology

Should Christians Embrace Evolution?

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Tim recently spoke at Bethel Church on the question, "Should Christians Embrace Evolution?" Listen as Tim uses logic, science, and theology to answer this question.

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