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Give Greg a Call Today

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Greg is live on the broadcast today, looking forward to talking to callers.

Ask your question. Share a piece of your mind. Call with your question or comment at (855) 243-9975, outside the U.S. …

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The Gospels Aren’t Ancient Fiction

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Some fun for today: Bernard Howard has imagined a conspiracy-creating conversation based on Dawkins’s assertion that “The Gospels are ancient fiction.” I love it. Here are a few …

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Why Abortion Is Unjust Discrimination


Here's why the abortion-choice argument is unjust discrimination:

The S.L.E.D. test originally comes from Stephen Schwarz in the first chapter of his book, The Moral Question of Abortion.

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Inoculation, Not Isolation

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Brett's monthly letter for December 2007

Dear Friend,

Inoculation, not isolation.

That’s our strategy when it comes to training youth. Yes, culture aggressively undermines the faith of our …

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#STRask - November 23, 2015

Greg Koukl answers questions in 4 minutes or less Jesus' second coming, the Trinity, sanctification, school policies regarding transgender children, and ISIS.

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