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God and Morality

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Raise your hand if you remember using a typewriter. How about a cassette player? A Walkman? VHS? Atari 2600? The last 25 years have brought about a technological revolution, from the internet, to …

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"Pray the Gay Away?" (April 21, 2015)

(Shortened broadcast)

Co-hosts: Alan Shlemon and Amy Hall

Commentary: “Pray the Gay Away?” (00:00) Commentary: Blog Features (00:53) Commentary: Is Allah a Generic Term for God? (01:00) …

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BlogPost | Ethics

Being Loving Doesn’t Mean Always Agreeing


Greg created a few short videos for the European Leadership Forum while he was there to speak last year. Here’s his answer to the question “How can Christians demonstrate real tolerance?& …

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Charles Babbage – Father of the Computer

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Charles Babbage was born in London in 1791 and is considered the father of the computer and one of the most influential scientists in history. He was an Anglican Christian who believed science and …

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Dead or Alive?


Does it matter if Jesus really rose from the dead? Can we determine whether or not it happened in history?

If the bones of Jesus were found tomorrow, would you walk away from Christianity? You …

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Less Is More: A Case for the Resurrection


Alan's monthly letter for July 2013

Dear Friend,

Go ahead and skip church this Sunday. No need to give thanks for your next meal. You might as well throw this letter in the trash, too. Christianity …

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Do Our Prayers Make a Difference?


If God is sovereign over history, why should we pray?

Does it makes sense to pray for things since God has already sovereignly planned history from beginning to end?

This is a thoughtful question, …

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