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reTHINK Student Conference

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Brett's monthly letter for October 2014

1,008? That’s what the text message stated, but it was still difficult to believe. 1,008? I had asked the administrative assistant at Crossline …

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God Ends Suffering in His Own Time


How amusing and humbling it is for us to read Moses’ plaintive cry to God after his obedient attempts to help his people leads to an increase in their suffering:

O Lord, why have You brought …

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Was Jesus a Universalist?

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Brett's monthly letter for May 2011

Dear Friend,

It may be the most controversial Christian book in years. Of course, Hell is always a hot topic. “Rock star” pastor Rob Bell (of NOOMA …

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We're Arguing Definitions, Not Rights

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Does the traditional marriage definition of "one man, one woman" take away some people's rights?

One common misconception in the same-sex marriage debate is the idea that the traditional legal …

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Muslim Followers of Christ?

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Alan's monthly letter for November 2010

Dear Friend,

I met a pastor from Bangladesh last month. He left Islam in 1978, now oversees several churches, and has a heart to see more Muslims come to …

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