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God Is at Work in Middle Earth

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I just returned from a two-week speaking tour of New Zealand. Thinking Matters, the largest national apologetics organization in that country, invited me to partner with them to equip the local body …

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Talk with Greg Tomorrow

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Greg is back and hosting the program live Tuesday 4-6 p.m. PT.  All open calls for two hours.

Give him a call with questions and comments during the live program at (855) 243-9975, outside …

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How to Evaluate Different Points of View

Greg shares steps to take when assessing and responding to opposing points of view, in this case, views on hell. (Excerpt from June 1, 2016 podcast)


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#STRask - June 27, 2016

Guest Host: J. Warner Wallace

I can't get through on the phone line. What are some lay level resources for investigating Old Testament reliability?

I don't understand loving God - how can one love …

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Has Science Buried God?


As I travel around speaking, the vast majority of the questions I get have to do with the intersection of science and faith. Has science made miracles impossible? Is there any scientific proof for …

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