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Getting “Political”—Vice or Christian Virtue?

Will the followers of Christ continue to thoughtfully engage—with truth and grace—the critical ideas in culture, or will we retreat from the public square again and take refuge behind the walls of our churches?

The Legend of the Social Justice Jesus

Did Jesus come here to champion the cause of the poor? There’s no question God has a heart for the destitute. Even so, a careful study of the Gospels shows that Jesus’ principle purpose was redressing spiritual poverty, not rectifying social inequities.
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The Evening News

These news tidbits illustrating the ideologically-driven downward trajectory of secular culture are “iceberg tips” connected to a larger story, a spiritual drama that lies behind the headlines.
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Critical Race Theory: Civil Rights Upside Down

People are attracted to critical race theory out of a desire to fight racism, but the central elements of CRT turn the noble ideas of the civil rights movement of the ’60s upside down.