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Pulling at My Words (May, 25, 2016)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Pulling at My Words (00:00) Commentary: Who Knows What Else (00:10)

Caller Topic: 1. Is it God or Satan doing things to Job? (00:21) 2. Should young children be taught …

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Podcast | Apologetics, Christianity & Culture

#STRask - May 23, 2016

Guest Host: Alan Shlemon

How should we respond to the LGBT moral revolution happening in our culture, specifically, the transgender bathroom rights issue?

It’s feasible that women will soon …

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Article | Apologetics, Student

Debunking the Religious Wars Myth

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“Religion is the cause of most wars,” declared our atheist guest. A few students shot nervous glances at me, hoping I would jump in. I sat there silently, not responding, instead waiting …

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