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What caused God? J.P. Moreland gives a brief response to this challenge.
Amy K. Hall | Apologetics, Philosophy | March 23, 2017
Here are some questions to help you consider how technology is shaping you and your kids.
Brett Kunkle | Christianity & Culture | March 22, 2017
What's the key to a lifetime of happiness? John Piper shares his father's answer, and it's good news for apologists like you.
Amy K. Hall | Apologetics, Miscellaneous | March 21, 2017
Let the Holy Spirit do the heavy lifting. Have people read Jesus for themselves, and let the power of the Word convince them of its authority.
Greg Koukl | Apologetics, Theology | March 20, 2017
Why doesn't the Protestant Bible contain the Apocrypha? Here's an argument from Jesus' words.
Tim Barnett | Apologetics | March 17, 2017
If marriage is meant to be a parable of Christ and the church, then does that mean single, celibate people are wasting their sexuality by not using it to glorify God in this way?
Amy K. Hall | Theology | March 16, 2017

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March 23, 2017
In 4 min. or less, Alan answer questions about Old Testament xenophobia, false teachers, and Hell.
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March 22, 2017
Alan interviews Steve Wagner, Executive Director of Justice for All, a pro-life organization that teaches people how to engage pro-choicers in persuasive conversation.
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March 20, 2017
Alan is on a timer and answers questions about Satan, Hell, and idols.
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In this issue of Solid Ground I continue with my collection of short vignettes I have collected over the years.

Solid Ground | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | March 1, 2017

Those who say pro-lifers want the government to "regulate a woman's body" are missing three important points.

article | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | March 1, 2017

Greg Koukl interviews Sam Allberry, author of Is God Anti-Gay? on the question, how can the church support Christians with same-sex attraction who want to follow Christ?

article | Christianity & Culture | Greg Koukl | February 22, 2017