Solid Ground


The “Heathen” and the Unknown God – Part 2

What about those who have never heard the gospel? The only way to know what God wants from us for salvation is for him to tell us, so to answer this question, we must trade on biblical truths and not on what seems to make sense to us based on mere human reflection.

The “Heathen” and the Unknown God – Part 1

When it comes to salvation, God’s way has always been narrow. There is forgiveness available, but no one will be saved without the gospel of Jesus Christ. What does this mean for those who have never heard of him?

Getting “Political”—Vice or Christian Virtue?

Will the followers of Christ continue to thoughtfully engage—with truth and grace—the critical ideas in culture, or will we retreat from the public square again and take refuge behind the walls of our churches?

The Legend of the Social Justice Jesus

Did Jesus come here to champion the cause of the poor? There’s no question God has a heart for the destitute. Even so, a careful study of the Gospels shows that Jesus’ principle purpose was redressing spiritual poverty, not rectifying social inequities.