Solid Ground


Why the Blood?

Though many object to the idea of penal substitutionary atonement, here’s how we know Jesus’ blood cleanses from all sin, fully satisfies the divine demand for justice, and rescues us from the Father’s wrath to come.

“Society Says” Relativism

For some, ethics is nothing more than a social contract to ensure survival. Compliance is the highest good and breaking ranks the greatest evil, regardless of the issue. This may make sense on television, but it doesn’t work in the real world.

Naturalism: Bumping into Reality

Naturalism can’t make sense of the reality we encounter every day, so when talking to naturalists, keep an eye out for these three significant ways they will “bump” into reality.

Ancient Words, Ever True?

Do we have any good reasons to think God has spoken supernaturally in the Bible? The way to answer this question is to look at the book itself. Here are six evidences of supernatural authorship conveniently paired with parts of the hand so you won’t forget.