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Challenge: When Did You Choose Your Heterosexuality?

Here’s a challenge I was just asked to respond to: When did you choose your heterosexuality?

Blog Post | Ethics | Amy K. Hall | May 19, 2015

The Christian Worldview Grounds Human Dignity

On Fridays, we’ve been talking about worldviews—in particular, their views of the human person and how those various views affect the way human persons are treated. 

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | May 6, 2015

Fetal Homicide Laws Are a Problem for Pro-Choicers

A recent murder in Colorado has been shaking up the state. Dynel Lane lured a woman who was seven months pregnant to her home and cut her daughter, Aurora, out of her womb. Aurora didn’t survive.

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | April 29, 2015

A Marriage Riddle

An ethicist, a same-sex marriage activist, and a polyamorist walk into a bar. The ethicist says, “Marriage is the mutual support and consent of a man and a woman.” The activist says, “Marriage is the mutual support and consent of two people.” The polyamorist says, “Marriage is the mutual support and consent of people.” Which of these does the 14th Amendment require?

Blog Post | Ethics | Amy K. Hall | April 29, 2015

Why the Supreme Court Should Let States Choose Their Marriage Policy

The Supreme Court will hear arguments today on whether or not it’s constitutional to define marriage as a man and a woman. Please keep in mind that, contrary to what you might be hearing, the Supreme Court isn’t deciding whether or not to ban same-sex marriage. The option to ban it isn’t something they’re considering (nor should they). Rather, they’re deciding whether or not same-sex marriage will be required in all 50 states.

Blog Post | Ethics | Amy K. Hall | April 28, 2015

Being Loving Doesn’t Mean Always Agreeing

Greg created a few short videos for the European Leadership Forum while he was there to speak last year. Here’s his answer to the question “How can Christians demonstrate real tolerance?”  

Blog Post | Ethics | Amy K. Hall | April 25, 2015

Why Same-Sex Marriage Can’t Afford to Be Tolerant

Mere Orthodoxy’s Matt Anderson explains why “an anti-liberal approach toward dissenting views is part of the DNA of the logic of the current gay rights argument”:

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | April 15, 2015

Expect to See This Argument against Religious Freedom

Based on Frank Bruni’s New York Times article “Bigotry, the Bible, and the Lessons of Indiana,” wherein he says “how easily” the “very traditions and texts that inform many Christians’ denunciation of same-sex relationships…can be [and are being] unde

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | April 11, 2015

Articles on the Religious Freedom Fiasco

1. “The Post-Indiana Future for Christians” by Rod Dreher—an interview with a “practicing Christian law professor at one of the country’s elite law schools”:

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | April 8, 2015

Challenge: Same-Sex Marriage Gives Stability to Children

This week’s challenge is taken from a question Alan received: If you take away same-sex marriage, you’ll take away stability from children of same-sex couples. So not only will you be discriminating against people wanting to marry, but you’ll also be hurting the next generation! What do you think about this one? Does same-sex marriage bolster the institution of the family and protect children? If not, why not? Respond to this challenge in the comments below, then Alan will post his response on Thursday.

Blog Post | Ethics | Amy K. Hall | April 7, 2015