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Answering Controversy as an Ambassador

Here's a well-written and argued booklet on homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  It models well knowledge, wisdom, and character.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Melinda Penner | September 18, 2012

Ethics & Naturalism

This is a very good critique of the problems of fitting ethics in a naturalisic worldview.  Thanks to my friend Frank Beckwith for bringing it to my attention.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Melinda Penner | August 8, 2012

The Old Testament's Teaching on Marriage

Someone asked me recently how to answer a question about what the Old Testament teaches about marriage.  An advocate of same-sex marriage claimed that the Bible doesn't teach marriage is one man and one woman because the Old Testament has polygamy.  Leaving aside the fact that even in polygamy (multiple marriages), each marriage is still one man and one woman, there's a fundamental principle of Biblical interpretation that we have to keep in mind on th

Blog Post | Ethics | Melinda Penner | July 17, 2012

Same-sex Marriage Arguments

A columnist in the Chicago Tribune wrote a column about why the arguments against same-sex marriage fail.  I certainly appreciate that he responds to the arguments with rational responses rather than ad hominem attacks or red herrings.  That's a refreshing change.  But I still think his responses fall short of undermining the reasons.  Here's why.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Melinda Penner | May 30, 2012

Dolphin Rights?

Dolphins deserve rights, some experts say, because they have consciousness and are persons.  This view of persons ends rights, it doesn't expand rights. According to some experts who support a Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans, dolphins have enough intelligence to count as persons, and persons deserve rights.  Dolphins, according to their studies, are self-aware individuals.  This function counts them among those "persons" who deserve rights.

Blog Post | Ethics | Melinda Penner | February 27, 2012

An Atheist's 10 Commandments

Apparently Glenn Beck challenged atheist Penn Jillette to come up with an atheist's ten commandments since he rejects the Bible as a source of morality.

Blog Post | Ethics | Melinda Penner | November 1, 2011

Jesus Never Said Anything about Homosexuality

This is a common claim made by those who want to claim homosexuality is moral (or at least amoral).  Jesus is the prime authority.  If he didn't say anything about it, it must not be very important and we can ignore what Paul and the Old Testament say about it.  Jesus' silence trumps the other writings.  Of course, Jesus didn't speak during His earthly ministry about a lot of things that we would clearly say are immoral.  So this argument from silence isn't very persuasive to begin with.

Blog Post | Ethics | Melinda Penner | October 11, 2011

Same-sex Marriage & Equality

Answering the claim that fairness and equality require same-sex marriage.

Blog Post | Ethics | Melinda Penner | June 28, 2011

Borrowed Capital

Ideas have consequences.  Often they have unintended consequences that take time to present themselves.

Blog Post | Ethics | Melinda Penner | June 28, 2011

Pedophilia: Sliding Down the Slope

Sadly, this isn't too surprising when homosexuality is deemed moral because it's natural. "Pedophilia is another “sexual orientation,” comparable to heterosexuality or homosexuality, according to expert testimony recently presented to the Canadian Parliament." (

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Melinda Penner | March 4, 2011