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Do Abortion Restrictions Force Women to Become Parents?

No one should be forced to become a parent against her will, but this is not the situation we face with abortion.

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | January 11, 2017

Great Evil Begins with Respect for Evil Ideas

Wesley J. Smith called Princeton to account for hiring Peter Singer with his horrendous views on infanticide.

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | December 22, 2016

France Decides to Protect Women from Their Conscience

A French court upheld the banning of an ad meant to encourage mothers not to abort their Down syndrome children, saying it might disturb people’s consciences.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | December 16, 2016

Challenge: Euthanasia Is a Fundamental Human Right

This week's challenge says euthanasia is a fundamental human right. How would you respond to this claim?

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | November 1, 2016

Challenge: You Don’t Really Believe Life Begins at Conception

How would you respond if someone said, “If you believed life begins at conception, you would fight to end miscarriages as hard as you fight to end abortion”?

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | September 20, 2016

Could Acceptance of Abortion Be a Matter of Ignorance?

I was reading Eric Metaxas’s Amazing Grace (a book about William Wilberforce), and I came across this passage:

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | May 26, 2016

Surprise! Life Does Begin at Conception

It seems that sometimes, when it serves the story, the fact that life begins at conception is perfectly clear to both scientists and the media. Sarah Knapton, Science Editor at the UK Telegraph, writes in an article titled “Bright Flash of Light Marks Incredible Moment Life Begins When Sperm Meets Egg”:

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | April 28, 2016

The Right to Life Is Not Like the Right to Drive

Christopher Kaczor, author of The Ethics of Abortion, has an interesting post at First Things (from 2011) explaining how two human beings could have an equal right to life, yet the killing of one could be a worse wrong than the killing of the other.

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | April 2, 2016

Challenge: All Human Life Is Not Equal

This week’s challenge comes from a 2013 Salon article titled “So What if Abortion Ends Life?” I’m starting to hear this sentiment expressed more often: I know that throughout my own pregnancies, I never wavered for a moment in the belief that I was carrying a human life inside of me. I believe that’s what a fetus is: a human life. And that doesn’t make me one iota less solidly pro-choice….

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | February 9, 2016

Free 21 Days of Prayer for Life Booklet

Greg talked to John Stonestreet on yesterday’s podcast about the 21 Days of Prayer for Life booklet he co-authored with Scott Klusendorf, so I wanted to make it easy for everyone to find. It’s not just a prayer guide; it’s also a teaching tool. Here’s an explanation of its purpose from the introduction:

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | January 21, 2016