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New Ontario Law Denies Reality of Parentage

Our denial that marriage is about the unique man/woman union will require an increasing amount of legislation and term redefinitions to try to make two unlike things the same.

Blog Post | Ethics | Amy K. Hall | December 3, 2016

Force Is Required to Override Belief in Reality

How much force will it take to “convince” people there’s no such thing as a biologically male body? 

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | November 22, 2016

Why Aren’t Boys and Girls Allowed to Be Boys and Girls?

Why are transgender people encouraged to “be who they are,” but boys and girls in general are discouraged from being their respective sexes?

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | October 15, 2016

To the Christian Who Is Being Tempted by a Relationship

Relationships that are against God's revealed will can be a huge temptation. Make sure you understand what's at stake.

Blog Post | Ethics | Amy K. Hall | September 30, 2016

Treat Transgender People with Kindness

Jesus knew that those around Him were lost and hurting. That’s what led Him to act with kindness and good will towards them.

Blog Post | Ethics | Amy K. Hall | September 15, 2016

New Report Examines Scientific Studies on Sexuality and Gender

A journal has published an up-to-date summary of the available scientific research on sexual orientation and gender identity, and it contradicts the claims we commonly hear.

Blog Post | Ethics | Amy K. Hall | August 27, 2016

We’re Seeing a Clash of Worldviews, Not an Inevitable Force of Progress

Our societal conflict over sexuality comes down to our opposing views on what it means to be human.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | August 26, 2016

Sexuality, Identity, Sin, and Denying Ourselves to Follow Christ

I highly recommend you watch “You Are Not Your Sexuality,” a talk by Sam Allberry (a Christian who has same-sex attractions) on sexuality and identity. He has much to say that is relevant to everyone (not just those with same-sex attractions) and relevant to all temptations and sin (not just those related to sexuality). I hope you’ll watch the whole thing (see below), but I want to emphasize three of his key points here.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | June 25, 2016

True Compassion Is Determined by the Mind, Not by Feelings

In an article titled “Regret Isn’t Rare: The Dangerous Lie of Sex Change Surgery’s Success,” Walt Heyer (who regrets his own sex change surgery) argues that our society needs to stop pushing surgery as the solution for those who are experiencing gender dysphoria.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | June 23, 2016

Romans Prescribes the Gospel, Not Execution

The New York Times claims that Romans 1 calls for the execution of gays. A Republican congressman read the passage at a committee hearing. I don’t know the congressman’s purpose, but it couldn’t be to call for the execution of gays because the passage doesn’t say that. And 2,000 years of Christian teaching has never taught that it does.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Melinda Penner | June 17, 2016