Author Greg Koukl
Published on 07/27/2020
Tactics and Tools

Is It Wrong to Think You’re Right?

Greg responds to a common challenge from relativists that Christians face when trying to share their views.


I want to know what they think. I want them to think about what they think because I think most ideas against Christianity are not good ones. I think there’s some reasonable, understandable objections that have substance that need to be addressed, and I think can be, but a lot of the challenges to Christianity just turn out to be hot air. Okay?

“You shouldn’t be pushing your morality on me.” How am I—I’m confused—how am I pushing my morality on you? You notice, there’s a challenge to the Christian, and now I just ask a version of the question “What do you mean by that?” That’s all I did. Now, he’s got to explain what I’m doing wrong.

“Well, you think you’re right.” Now, let me ask you a question: Do you think that when I weigh in with a point of view, that I think I’m right? Yes. Of course I do. That’s why I believe what I believe. Everyone who weighs in with a point of view thinks he’s right. They all believe their beliefs are true. That’s why they believe what they believe, and if they didn’t believe they were true, they would believe something else and believe that were true.

So when people say, “You’re intolerant,” or, “You’re forcing your views,” well, what do you mean? “Well, you think you’re right. You think I should think the way you think.” I say, “Yeah, I do. I could be mistaken. I’m open to talking about that. But let me ask you a question.” Notice the sequence here, right? I’m tossing the ball back into their court: “Do you think you’re right?”

Now, what are they gonna say? “Oh no, my views are all wrong.” Of course they think they’re right. Both of us think we’re right, but I’m the only one being called names, right?

So my final question is, why is it when I think I’m right, I’m intolerant or forcing my morality, but when you think you’re right, you’re just right? What am I missing?

Of course, I’m not missing anything. That person is missing it.