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This is the interview Scott Klusendorf recommended on last week’s show, and I echo his recommendation. It’s a discussion between John Ensor (Scott’s co-author on Stand for Life: Answering the Call, Making the Case, Saving Lives), Francis Chan, and John Piper on the impact of graphic pictures, how teaching their congregations about human dignity and abortion glorifies God and His grace, the need for pastors to have courage on this issue and fight the temptation of a subtle loss of boldness, and how to preach about issues like this one within the full counsel of God.

Hearing about this subject from the perspective of a pastor glorifying God and caring for his congregation adds a depth and richness to this topic that will round out your understanding of abortion, the people who have suffered from it, and the gospel. Pass it on to your pastors and friends.



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Jan 29, 2014