Scott Klusendorf, Make the Pro-life Case Persuasively and Winsomely

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Published on 01/21/2014

Host: Greg Koukl

Guest: Scott Klusendorf

Greg talks about God answering prayers, a relationship with Jesus, handling stress in debates, and more.


  • Christianity Makes Sense of Our Deepest Experiences (00:00)
  • How should we expect God to answer our prayers for decision making? (00:22)
  • What was the first century concept of relationship with Jesus? (00:47)
  • How do you handle stress in debates? (01:01)
  • How do you pray for people who are unpleasant to you? (01:18)
  • Can naturalism explain all the features of the universe? (01:26)
  • Is Proverbs 31 about a literal woman or a personification of wisdom? (01:40)
  • Was the Law ever sufficient for salvation? (01:49)
  • Make the Pro-life Case Persuasively and Winsomely (02:00)

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