Moses Heard an Audible Voice, and You Probably Won’t

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Published on 10/16/2020

Greg talks about how we can’t expect to have the same experience as Moses, then he answers questions about worship, interacting with a daughter about her homosexuality, our responsibility for choices that come from unchosen desires, living with a girlfriend, and how often a church should have communion.


  • Commentary: Moses heard an audible voice, and you probably won’t. (00:00)
  • What is worship, and how is it different from prayer? (09:00)
  • How should I interact with my daughter on the topic of her homosexuality? (21:00)
  • How can we be responsible for choices that come from our desires and wants if those things are outside of our control? (32:00)
  • Is it a sin for a man to live with his girlfriend if there’s no sexual relationship? (45:00)
  • Should a church have communion weekly, or is once a month okay? (55:00)

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