How to Deal with Some Common Responses to Your Pro-Life Argument

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 07/03/2019

There are some responses you will commonly hear, when you’re making a pro-life argument, that aren’t actually relevant to your argument. In the video below, Megan Almon of Life Training Institute helps you spot when an objection misses the point and then gives some tips on how to graciously keep the discussion on track when three of the most popular responses come up.

What’s important to remember when it comes to the pro-life view is that it is in the form of an argument. The basic pro-life syllogism says: It is wrong to intentionally kill innocent human beings; abortion intentionally kills innocent human beings (and there is a case to back that up that is grounded in science and philosophy); therefore, abortion is wrong.

That’s your syllogism, it is your argument, and people have to interact with that argument in order to make a case for the view they’re trying to promote. The problem is that none of those three [common responses] that I just named, and many others like them, deal with the argument.