Does Loving Our Neighbor Entail Facilitating Abortions?

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Published on 09/30/2022

Greg discusses harmonizing our observations of nature with Scripture, talks about a billboard that uses a Bible verse to advertise getting an abortion in California, then answers questions about David saying he sinned only against God and whether desires can be sinful, not just actions.


  • Commentary: All truth is God’s truth. (00:00)
  • Commentary: Does loving our neighbor entail facilitating abortions? (09:00)
  • Why does David say, “Against you only have I sinned,” in Psalm 51? (31:00)
  • What do you think of the phrase “Attractions are not actions”? (42:00)
  • Is it really the case that if you don’t act on homosexual feelings, then they’re not sinful, or are thoughts sins? (42:00)

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