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30 Years of Stand to Reason

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Published on 09/27/2023

Tim talks to Greg about the last 30 years of Stand to Reason—the purpose and unique focus of our work, the major topics and controversies we’ve addressed, the ideas we’ve developed, advice and cautions for budding apologists, where Stand to Reason will be 30 years from now, and more.


  • Were you called into this ministry? (03:00)
  • Why did you call this organization Stand to Reason? (11:00)
  • What is unique about Stand to Reason? (16:00)
  • What advice would you give to a budding apologist? (22:00)
  • What are some of the topics and controversies Stand to Reason has covered? (30:00)
  • What ideas has Stand to Reason developed over the years? (49:00)
  • Where do you see Stand to Reason 30 years from now? (53:00)

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