Where Should I Start?

Stand to Reason trains Christians to think clearly about their Christian convictions and make a credible defense when they evangelize. As a new visitor to the Stand to Reason website, these resources are a great starting point to begin your journey to becoming a more effective Ambassador.

Articles for new Ambassadors

Stand to Reason has hundreds of articles and thousands of blog posts covering a range of topics relevant to a well-equipped ambassador for Christ and the issues challenging Christians engaged in conversations about Christianity. As a start, you may want to begin with these articles that provide concise, straightforward answers to central issues and questions that come up frequently in conversations.

A Good Reason for Evil

What is evil? Could it have a purpose? The first step in answering the problem of evil is this: What is this evil objected to?

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Is the New Testament Text Reliable?

The phrase, "The Bible's been translated and recopied so many times..." introduces one of the most frequent canards tossed at Christians quoting the Bible. 

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The Intolerance of Tolerance

Probably no concept has more currency in our politically-correct culture than the notion of tolerance. Unfortunately, one of America's noblest virtues has been distorted to a vice.

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Religious Stew

Religious pluralism is the idea that when it comes to religious issues, all roads lead to Rome. This is an approach to religion that is quite popular now, but it has a serious flaw.

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Science Isn't, Science Is

Science and Christianity are not incompatible.  Science informs us about the physical world, but it has limits about what it can tell us.

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Ten Tips to Help Your Prayer Life

If praying does not come effortlessly for you, try these tips for making your prayer life more focused and effective.

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The Trouble with the Elephant

The ancient fable of the blind men and the elephant is often used to illustrate the fact that every faith represents just one part of the larger truth about God. 

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Only One Question

The logic of the pro-life position can be expressed in a simple statement.  And there's only one question that the entire debate depends on.

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Never Read a Bible Verse

If there was one bit of wisdom, one rule of thumb, one single skill Greg Koukl could impart that would serve you well the rest of your life, what would it be? .

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The Columbo Tactic

Using simple, leading questions is an almost effortless way to introduce spiritual topics to a conversation is an effective way to engage others about Christianity.

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Is the Bible Authoritative?

How do we justify our belief of Biblical authority when some don't believe that the Bible is inerrant?

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Christianity: Bolted to Reality

You can huff and puff but you can’t blow this house down. Christianity is a system bolted down to reality.

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More Resources

Ambassador Basic Curriculum

The ABC program is fundamental to developing the accurately-informed mind that will make you a high-impact agent of change for Christ.

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Parent Resources

We've developed some resources that will help you equip your child with a robust Christian worlview that can withstand the challenges she will face in our culture.

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Student Resources

Christian students need a good dose of confidence about their Christian convictions, and these resources will help develop answers to challenges.

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