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How Should You Measure Your Intimacy with God? (February 11, 2014) Explore More Content

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: How Should You Measure Your Intimacy with God? (0:00)
Commentary: The Contradictory Values Held by Young People (1:00)
Commentary: Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? (2:00)

1. What are the top three selling points for using apologetics? (0:25)
2. Should Christians divide over the issue of divorce and remarriage? (0:44)
3. How should the church address young vs. old earth? (1:22)
4. How does biblical stewardship apply to the environment? (1:44)
5. How should one deal with a professor who loves Bart Ehrman? (2:10)
6. Advice on when to speak up (2:25)
7. Why can't Christians believe in an old earth? (2:43)

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Feb 11, 2014