Thoughts about D-Day

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Published on 06/14/2023

Greg talks about D-Day and thanks D-Day veterans for their service, then he answers questions about indoctrination, what we can do about what’s happening in public schools, whether someone can be responsible for another person being in Hell, and the use of the word “bond-servant” in the New Testament.


  • Commentary: Thoughts about D-Day (00:00)
  • What would you say to someone who says 9/11, vaccines, and the Vietnam War are all hoaxes about government control, and what is indoctrination? (20:00)
  • Is there something we can do in addition to praying for California and other states whose public school systems are inappropriately bringing sex into the classrooms? (30:00)
  • Can some people be in Hell now because of something someone else did in their lives that convinced them not to be a Christian? (49:00)
  • What is your understanding of the literal vs. the metaphorical uses of the word “bond-servant” in the New Testament? (55:00)

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