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Should You Tell Your Children Your Spouse Has Left Christianity?

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Published on 01/26/2024

Greg responds to a question about whether you should tell your children your spouse has left Christianity, then he takes Open Mic calls about why John was called the greatest “among those born of women,” transgender children, and whether taking fertility drugs would interfere with God’s timing and plan.


  • Commentary: Should you tell your children your spouse has left Christianity? (00:00)
  • How should I understand the saying in Matthew 11:11 and Luke 7:28 that John was the greatest “among those born of women” if Jesus was also born of a woman? (27:00)
  • Would this question help a parent realize what’s best for their child? “If you could snap your fingers and get the best outcome for your child, would you choose for your child’s body to match their mind or to not match?” (38:00)
  • Is it okay to take fertility drugs, or would that be interfering with God’s timing and plan? (47:00)

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