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Listen Carefully to the Cost of Conversion

Author Alan Shlemon Published on 07/30/2019

Here’s a great question to ask a Muslim: “What would happen if you became a Christian today?” This was a question the late Nabeel Qureshi encouraged me to ask my Muslim friends. I had the privilege of teaching with him at various events around the country. One day, while we were chatting, he offered this piece of wisdom.

If you ask a Muslim this question, there are many possible answers:

  • Kicked out of their family
  • Lose their job
  • Have to move homes
  • Marriage would end
  • Lose their children
  • Persecution
  • Driven out of their country or killed

Nabeel then said, “Listen carefully to what they say. Don’t forget their answer. What they tell you is what’s holding them back from putting their faith in Jesus.” Then, he said, find out ways to solve their problem. If they’re going to get kicked out of their family, find a way to provide them with a new home.

Leaving Islam for another religion is a big deal. The social or personal cost is often greater for Muslims than for people who leave other religious systems. Knowing this can drive us to have compassion for our Muslim friends and allow us to consider what we can do to help remove their obstacles to the gospel.