Sexuality and Gender

It’s Not Loving to Affirm a Damaging Lie

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Published on 09/09/2022

Greg answers questions about how to respond to a brother who says he’s trans, whether Paul ever got a chance to stand before Caesar, whether we can trust the Bible, and how we can say we have knowledge if we don’t have 100% certainty.


  • How should I treat my brother who says he’s trans, and how should I talk to the rest of my family members about this? (04:00)
  • Did Paul ever get a chance to stand before Caesar as the angel said he would in Acts 27:23–24? (27:00)
  • There are a lot of things the Bible says that cause me to doubt, so can I trust it? (41:00)
  • If I can’t close the gap to 100% certainty, can I say I have knowledge if knowledge is justified true belief? (51:00)

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