Tactics and Tools

For the Student Who Wants to Be a Christian Apologist

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 05/16/2017

I received an email from a high school student who was interested in becoming a Christian apologist but didn’t know where to start. Below are the links I compiled for him. (A few of my suggestions apply specifically to his age group, but most are not age dependent.)

Greg has given advice to aspiring apologists a few times on the podcast—most recently, here (listen at 00:43), and we have posts covering various aspects of this topic:

In addition, we highly recommend you get some in-depth training in worldview and apologetics, and if you’re a high school student, there are some great options open to you! Here are a few programs we recommend:

Keep learning and growing! Whatever you do, stay in close fellowship with Christians in your church, guard your character, rest in the Gospel, and keep your eyes on Jesus:

Most importantly, think, think, think about the Gospel. Saturate yourself with it. Let it shape you and your ministry:

A final note: The two biggest mistakes I see being made by people who aspire to be in the apologetics world are these: neglecting theology (particularly regarding Christ and the Gospel) and neglecting fellowship in a local church. If you want to protect your soul, persevere in your work, and keep Jesus central in all your teaching, then pursue theology and face-to-face fellowship intentionally and tenaciously.