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Advice on Becoming an Apologetics Speaker

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 03/07/2015

I often get asked for advice on becoming an apologetics speaker. Here’s how I respond (my answer assumes the person is already knowledgeable about apologetics—to begin learning, start here and consider enrolling in an online apologetics program like Biola’s master’s degree or certificate program):

  • Start seeking out opportunities at your church (in small groups, Sunday school classes, youth groups, etc.) to teach. This is a good way to begin getting some experience speaking. You can work on your skills and see if this is something you should pursue.
  • Consider attending CrossExamined Instructor Academy in North Carolina for a few days one summer (this year it’s happening on August 13–15). You’ll prepare presentations and then get evaluated by instructors like Brett, Greg, and J. Warner Wallace.
  • For more help honing your speaking abilities, Greg has recommended The Exceptional Presenter and Made to Stick.
  • J. Warner Wallace has a whole category on his website for “Christian Case Making.” Go through what he has there (here’s one example), and you’ll find practical instructional material like “Three Simple Rules for Apologetics Multimedia Presentations.”

Jim has thought carefully through a lot of this, so if you’re in Southern California, you should consider attending a class at Biola that’s happening next weekend:

March 13–14, 2015


Featuring J. Warner Wallace, MA

What exactly are you planning on doing with your all of your study in apologetics? This practical apologetics class will help you answer that question as you develop a strategy to establish and grow your cultural influence, find the place where you can contribute to the apologetics community on a regular basis, master your use of social media, and achieve realistic goals as a persuasive Christian communicator. J. Warner Wallace is a master of daily impactful apologetics activity and he will guide us through some key steps to help us all “ramp it up.”

The cost for the class is $95. You can register here. (I believe they’ve offered this class before, so if you miss it this time, watch for it in the future.)