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Another Conversation with YouTube Atheist PineCreek Doug

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Published on 04/06/2022

In audio from Canadian Catholic’s YouTube show, Greg interacts with YouTube atheist PineCreek Doug and others.


  • Interview: Greg interacts with YouTube atheist PineCreek Doug and others on Canadian Catholic’s YouTube show (00:00)
  • What is your view on Street Epistemology? (01:00)
  • Do you think it’s okay for atheists to ask Christians questions designed to make them doubt? (06:00)
  • Do Christians take advantage of people in crisis when they evangelize them? (09:00)
  • Is having a warm tingly feeling in your chest a good reason to become a Christian? (22:00)
  • Since it’s God’s fault that I’m not a Christian, doesn’t it follow that I’m going to Hell because of what God didn’t do? (28:00)
  • What does “good” mean? (45:00)
  • What’s your stance on evolution? (49:00)
  • What do you think about Platonic Forms? (51:00)
  • Couldn’t you just respond back to Doug with a similarly emotional argument? (53:00)
  • Do you think you had good reasons at the time of your conversion to Christianity? (56:00)

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