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A Marriage License Isn’t Just a Piece of Paper

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Published on 02/14/2024

Greg responds to the idea that a marriage license is “just a piece of paper” and talks about why we need public vows to be married, then he answers questions about attending a wedding of two non-believers, what to say to an atheist who says his life is meaningful, and helping a pastor see the value of apologetics.


  • Commentary: A marriage license isn’t just a piece of paper. (00:00)
  • Can you clarify the difference between a same-sex marriage and a marriage of two non-believers that would explain why it’s okay to attend one but not the other? (31:00)
  • What would you say to someone who says he doesn’t believe in God but his life is meaningful? (47:00)
  • How can I get started as an apologist in my church and get my pastor on board with it? (55:00)

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