STR | Outposts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start an Outpost anywhere in the world?
Yes, we have Outposts all over the world and would love to keep growing Outposts internationally.
How much does it cost to run an Outpost?
The cost for STR Outposts is nothing. It is completely free for Outpost Directors after they go through the application process and are certified to open an Outpost.
What are the requirements for application?

Applicants must first fill out our application form. After this form is completed, applicant will need to complete the following:

  • Purchase and read The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between by Gregory Koukl.
  • Complete The Story of Reality Outpost Study Guide and submit it to the Outpost Coordinator.
  • Provide contact information for two references (one being the Pastor of the church you currently attend).
  • Describe how you came to believe in Jesus (testimony) and how your walk with Jesus is today (1-2 Pages).
  • Affirm your belief in the STR Statement of Faith.
  • Subscribe to Solid Ground here and the STR Weekly Podcast here.
  • Talk with your church about hosting your STR Outpost.
Can there be more than one Outpost Director per Outpost?
Yes. We would encourage Outposts to think about having two directors. This would help with the longevity of the Outpost since the responsibility could be shared between two people.
What are the requirements/commitments from the church in order to host an Outpost?
  • The church must agree with the STR doctrinal statement.
  • The church will provide a location/room for the Outpost to meet in.
  • The church will be responsible for promoting the Outpost within the church.
What will STR provide for the Outpost?
  • Content: Stand to Reason will provide ongoing apologetics content for Directors to utilize in their Outposts. The content will consist of online courses, videos, and discussion guides. Additionally, Stand to Reason will be a resource for all Outpost participants through our podcasts, articles, YouTube channels, and social media content.
  • Coaching: Outpost Directors will have access to ongoing coaching and help through regular Zoom meetings with our Outpost Coordinator and other Outpost Directors. Additionally, Directors will have an open invitation to attend our annual Outpost Training event.
  • Community: Connecting with other Outpost Directors is important for encouragement and the sharing of ideas. STR will provide regular meetings in which Directors can collaborate and discuss what works well with their Outposts.
  • An Outpost listing on the STR Outpost Directory website.
  • Outposts in a Box: This is our starter kit for Outposts that will be full of STR swag, content, promotional materials, and a few surprises.
Do you have any resources that I can share with my pastor about Outposts?
Yes! We have created a promotional letter and a video that you can share with others.