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God, Evolution, and Morality Part 1

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Can evolution explain ethics?  Can “goodness” and “badness” be deduced from biology?  Can Mother Nature—mixing genetic mutation with natural selection—supplant Father God as morality’s maker?  In this issue of Solid Ground I answer that question decisively:  No, it can’t, not even in principle.  In fact, though Darwinists have been chanting the slogan “good for goodness’ sake,” evolution actually renders the phrase meaningless.  My case, though, requires a precise understanding of the basic concepts involved, and a willingness to see a line of thought through to the end. And that’s what I give you this month in “God, Evolution, and Morality.”

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Publication File Solid Ground May/June 2014 God, Evolution, & Morality Pt. 1

Publication | Apologetics, Christianity & Culture, Science
May 1, 2014