William Lane Craig on Stephen Hawking’s New Book

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Published on 09/19/2010

Greg talks about Life Training Institute with Scott Klusendorf, science and faith—integration or competition, Stephen Hawking’s new book with William Lane Craig, then takes calls on Hawking’s determinism, if Dennis Prager is a religious pluralist, and more.


  • Guest: Scott Klusendorf - Life Training Institute
  • Commentary: Science and Faith - Integration or Competition?
  • Guest: William Lane Craig on Stephen Hawking’s New Book
  • Hawking’s determinism.
  • Is Dennis Prager a religious pluralist?
  • Determinism is an ongoing debate among physicists.
  • What is the best thing a layperson can do to support the pro-life movement?
  • Can Christians be demon possessed?
  • Evolution and Darwin.
  • Original intent of the Constitution.