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Why Mormonism is Not Christianity

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Published on 07/01/2012

Greg talks about the meaning is in the words, why Mormonism is not Christianity, Pastor Harper on the Titanic, then takes calls on what the meaning of marriage is in the Bible, if it is ethical to do business in China, and more.


  • Commentary: The Meaning is in the Words
  • Commentary: Why Mormonism is Not Christianity
  • Commentary: Pastor Harper on the Titanic
  • What is the meaning of marriage in the Bible?
  • Is it ethical to do business in China?
  • Tips on how to witness at work.
  • Is the moral argument for God’s existence flawed?
  • What is required to fulfill the Great Commission?
  • Can adding knowledge to service glorify God more than service alone?
  • When are you “casting pearls before swine”?
  • When should what’s immoral be made illegal?