Why Is It Rational to Believe in the Soul?

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Published on 01/29/2021

Greg gives reasons why it’s rational to believe in the soul, explaining the difference between something being rational and rationalism, then he takes calls about how evil entered the world, intersex conditions proving we can choose our gender, answering “Where was God?” and more.


  • Commentary: Why is it rational to believe in the soul? (00:00)
  • How can humans be the cause of evil in the world if their evil act is the result of being tempted by an already-evil being? (16:00)
  • Does the existence of intersex people prove sex is just a state of mind and one can choose to be male or female? (25:00)
  • How can I answer the question “Where was God?” when asked by a foster youth who was sexually abused? (41:00)
  • Are there any topics other than inerrancy that you wouldn’t discuss directly with an atheist? (51:00)

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