Who Is Jesus?

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 02/03/2017

Our reTHINK Apologetics Student Conferences last year were focused on the person of Jesus, and the first plenary session was made up of four brief talks by the STR speakers covering Christology and the Gospel. They were fantastic, and taken together, they gave a clear and compelling picture of Christ. After this session at our Dallas conference, I spoke to a Muslim exchange student who was hearing and understanding these things for the first time. What a privilege to be there for that moment—to hear him ask profound theological questions about the Trinity and atonement and summarize what he just heard from our speakers accurately! I still get a little choked up thinking about it. 

I felt amazed and honored to see someone hear the Gospel for the first time, but since then, I’ve started wondering just how many people out there in our own culture have literally no idea what Christianity says about Jesus. I’d be willing to bet every one of you out there is connected to at least one person like this. Are you ready to explain to them who Jesus is and what He’s done?

We’ve made those first four talks from the reTHINK Conference available for free (posted below) so you can watch and share.

  • Tim Barnett: The God
  • Alan Shlemon: The Man
  • Greg Koukl: The Rescue
  • Brett Kunkle: The Way

They’re also available for purchase (DVD or streaming video), along with the rest of the plenary sessions (and some breakouts), including J. Warner Wallace’s “Can We Trust What the Gospels Say About Jesus?” and Sean McDowell’s “Would Jesus Be Intolerant?” I encourage you to take a look at the whole set.