When It Comes to the Atonement, People Do Not Take the Blood Seriously

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Published on 04/05/2024

Greg discusses what the Bible says about penal substitutionary atonement, then he answers questions about what to do if your pastor secretly holds to pro-LGBTQ theology and why God no longer gives direct messages to people like he did in the Old Testament.


  • Commentary: When it comes to the atonement, people do not take the blood seriously. (05:00)
  • If you find out your pastor secretly holds to pro-LGBTQ theology, should you expose him to the church or leave quietly? (23:00)
  • Do you think people in the Old Testament got direct messages from God (through the prophets, etc.), and if so, why has this changed now? Has the Bible replaced the old means of communication? (47:00)

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