What the New Testament Says about Hell

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Published on 02/27/2011

Greg talks about questions from high school students, what the New Testament says about Hell, Bernard Nathanson, pro-life convert, then takes calls on if a pastor should resign over plagiarism, if intuition and common sense can be tools for atheism, and more.


  • Commentary: Questions from High School Students
  • Commentary: What the New Testament Says about Hell
  • Commentary: Bernard Nathanson, Pro-Life Convert
  • Should a pastor resign over plagiarism?
  • Can intuition and common sense be tools for atheism?
  • How can he persuade a theistic relativist that God cares about moral behavior?
  • Did Enoch go to Heaven without dying?
  • How does a Christian make good decisions?
  • Where does evil reside?
  • Does arguing to morality from intuitions commit the naturalistic fallacy?
  • Is God obligated to intervene to keep people from going to Hell?
  • Is there a flaw in logical arguments?