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What Does It Mean to Live God’s Way?

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Published on 06/03/2007

Guest hosts Brett Kunkle and Jim Wallace talk about kinds of disagreements (Brett), what it means to live God’s way (Jim), then take calls on if a worldview or religion comes first and develop the other, if preterism is a heresy, and more.


  • Commentary: Kinds of Disagreements (Brett)
  • Commentary: What Does it Mean to Live God’s Way? (Jim)
  • Does a worldview or a religion come first and develop the other?
  • Is preterism a heresy?
  • Is all immorality sin?
  • What are the criteria for when the Holy Spirit is given?
  • There are two forms of preterism.
  • What are the issues of the Emergent church?
  • Why did Adam and Eve sin, and why won’t we sin in Heaven?
  • Is the resurrection a foundational Christian doctrine?
  • Was Joseph Smith a false prophet?