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What Does “Growing Up” Mean?

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Published on 06/11/2013

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about Jeremiah 29:11, what “growing up” means, if same-sex attraction is genetic, and more.


  • Commentary: Bible Verses Taken Out of Context: Jeremiah 29:11 (00:00:00)
  • What do you make of Satan in Genesis 3? (00:31:52)
  • Challenging the first premise of the Kalam Cosmological argument (00:35:59)
  • Should we picket pro-abortion churches? (00:46:51)
  • Commentary: What Does “Growing Up” Mean? (01:00:12)
  • Why did God create Satan? (01:19:29)
  • What do you think of “In the Beginning We Misunderstood”? (01:35:10)
  • Can you recommend books on hermeneutics? (01:45:22)
  • God put thoughts in Nehemiah’s mind. (01:54:00)
  • Commentary: Is Same-sex Attraction Genetic? (02:00:12)
  • How do you evaluate modesty in art? (02:20:43)
  • How do you deal with people who believe in hearing God’s voice? (02:32:15)
  • How can the Bible be inerrant if Lot is called a righteous man - a man who had sex with his daughters? (02:50:18)