Were You Ever an Unborn Child?

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Published on 10/29/2013

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about abortion, choosing gender identity, unjust suffering, adversity and character development, and more.


  • Commentary: Were You Ever an Unborn Child? (00:00)
  • Advice for parents who object to dating outside of their denomination (00:13)
  • Why should Christian oppose same-sex marriage legislation? (00:29)
  • Is reading typologies into the Bible good interpretation habits? (00:43)
  • Commentary: Choose Your Gender Identity? (01:00)
  • How do you challenge someone who approves of polygamy? (01:21)
  • Will Israel ever inherit all of the land in the Abrahamic Covenant? (01:33)
  • What does Romans 8:28 mean? (01:46)
  • Commentary: Unjust Suffering, Adversity, and Character Development (02:00)
  • Can someone be regenerate but not have the Holy Spirit? (02:11)
  • How does God speak apart from the Bible? (02:17)
  • How do you challenge religious pluralism in a community college class? (02:33)
  • Is starlight a good argument for the age of the universe? (02:46)

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