Update on Melinda’s Progress

Author Greg Koukl Published on 10/17/2018

[See here for information about Melinda’s accident and here for links to previous updates.]

It’s been a while since our last update on Melinda’s progress, mostly because there’s not been much improvement in the 10 months since her accident on December 2. But that has changed recently, so I wanted to let you in on the latest developments since there are some big things to report.

Here are two entries that Melinda’s sister, Cathy, posted in Melinda’s CaringBridge journal.

Oct. 6: Today’s visit to my sister feels momentous and like the beginning of a new phase in her recovery. She gave me a BIG smile when I arrived this morning—a first! She was alert, holding her iPad, watching videos, turning her head to the left (she’s been looking right for many months), and listening and watching everyone who came in her room. Several staff people came in to comment on her improvement. Best of all, as I was leaving and said, “I love you,” she very clearly mouthed, “I love you” back! As clear as can be! Thanks and glory to God for answering so many prayers!

And then, a few days later she wrote this.

Oct. 11: I’m so thankful to be able to share that Melinda’s progress is continuing. Two days ago she put Chapstick on by herself and tried a hat on that I brought for her. She used both hands to put it on and then let me know she didn’t like it!.... She continues to mouth words and is trying really hard to communicate. Today with Amy, her cognitive therapist, she was whispering/mouthing words, when her RT [Respiratory Therapist] for the day asked if she wanted him to put in a speaking tube—DUH! We didn’t even know that was possible! So he did and she and Melinda had a conversation! I wasn’t there, but am excited to get there tomorrow after work! This all is such an answer to prayer!

As you can see, this is fabulous news—the most improvement we’ve seen in 10 months! Please keep praying for Melinda. Also, her birthday is coming up on October 31, and Cathy has requested that people send her birthday cards. You can send them to the STR office (1438 E. 33rd St., Signal Hill, CA 90755) or to the address Cathy posted on the CaringBridge site.

We’re all so encouraged by this news. I hope you are, too.