Truth vs. Relativism in the Church

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Published on 02/21/2010

Greg talks about truth vs relativism in the church, Avatar movie review, “oldest Bible posted on the web,” then takes calls on if one can rebut open theism, if atheists can have “sturdy moral knowledge” and more.


  • Commentary: Truth vs. Relativism in the Church
  • Commentary: Movie Review - Avatar
  • Commentary: “Oldest Bible Posted on the Web”
  • Can you rebut open theism?
  • Can atheists have “sturdy moral knowledge?”
  • Will adding “Personhood” to state law provide more protection for unborn babies?
  • Why is life beginning at conception so hard for people to understand?
  • Two wrongs don’t make a right.
  • Avatar
  • Visual images help restore meaning to the word abortion.
  • Does utilitarianism teach us anything about morality?
  • Abortion should be allowed for rape and incest to protect women from further trauma.
  • Testimony of caller who was victim of rape and is happy she kept her baby.