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Tips for Christian College Students

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Published on 09/24/2021

Greg gives tips to Christian college students, then he talks to callers about whether objective truth can be grounded in external principles, whether it’s biblically okay for a woman to be an apologist, how to respond to a Mormon interpretation of the Bible, and committing to a church one disagrees with on prophecy.


  • Commentary: Tips for Christian college students (00:00)
  • Could morality grounded in principles or an idea count as being grounded outside of ourselves and therefore objective? (23:00)
  • Is it biblically okay for a woman to become an apologist? (39:00)
  • How can I respond to the Mormon explanation that when the Bible says there’s no other God, it means “for us”? (45:00)
  • Should I commit to a church that has a teaching on prophecy I disagree with? (52:00)

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