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Time Management Tips

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Published on 01/14/2013

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about time management tips, book recommendations for children, atheist becomes a Christian, and more.


  • Commentary: Time Management Tips (00:00:00)
  • What are the problems with word-faith theology? (00:27:03)
  • How do you approach the age of the earth controversy? (00:46:33)
  • Commentary: Book Recommendations for Children (00:58:11)
  • Can Jesus’ relationship with the Father improve? (01:21:04)
  • The New Testament writers weren’t eyewitnesses. (01:39:02)
  • Commentary: Atheist becomes a Christian (01:54:06)
  • The age of the earth (02:03:44)
  • Challenge to one of Greg’s illustrations about identity (02:13:09)
  • Is Genesis 1-11 history or mythology? (02:27:21)
  • How do we approach secondary theological issues and unity of the Body? (02:37:33)
  • Why do you reject open theism? (02:46:12)