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Tiffany Gelpi: Change Collegian Network

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Published on 09/09/2012

Greg talks about raising Christian kids, Christian bias, and discusses Change Collegian Network with guest Tiffany Gelpi.


  • Commentary: Raising Christian Kids
  • Commentary: Christian Bias?
  • Guest: Tiffany Gelpi - Change Collegian Network
  • Can atheists argue for rights?
  • Are religious beliefs just brain states?
  • How does Genesis 1:5 relate to the old earth view?
  • Does the Bible teach eternal security?
  • How to start apologetics in church?
  • How does the soul relate to the brain? - Part 1
  • The universe is geocentric.
  • Old Testament verses are take out of context in the New Testament.
  • Is the Bible self-validating?
  • How is the soul related to the brain? - Part 2