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Thoughts from Greg and Amy on Having Meaningful Spiritual Conversations

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 09/12/2019

Mikel Del Rosario of ApologeticsGuy.com invited Greg and me onto Dallas Theological Seminary’s video podcast (below) to talk with him about how to have meaningful spiritual conversations. Here’s a list (from their website) of the topics we cover in the video:

00:15 – The ministry of Stand to Reason
06:29 – Applying ambassador model to spiritual conversations
14:43 – Christlike character in spiritual conversations
21:07 – The importance of using questions
25:05 – The first question in the Columbo tactic
31:04 – The personal nature of the Columbo tactic
34:22 – Using the first question in conversation
38:18 – Using the first question on social media
40:51 – The second question in the Columbo tactic
44:04 – The third question in the Columbo tactic
47:57 – Encouraging believers to have spiritual conversations

If you’re not familiar with Greg’s tactics material, you can learn more by watching a series of short videos from our Quick-Reference App here, or pick up a copy of Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions.