Theistic Evolution: Designed by Chance?

Author Greg Koukl Published on 03/24/2013

I want you to think about Darwinian evolution for a moment.

The neo-Darwinian synthesis necessarily entails a particular mechanism that determines (an important word) which changes are reproduced in the next generation of living organisms. This mechanism is called natural selection.

In natural selection, specific circumstances in the environment allow a particular individual to survive and reproduce, passing its mutated genes on to the next generation. Serendipitous conditions in nature, not God, make the “choice” about what survives. Now, if nature is selecting, then God is not selecting. The two are at odds with each other. What could be more obvious?

Either God designs the details, or nature shuffles the deck and natural selection chooses the winning hand. The mechanism is either conscious and intentional (design), or unconscious and unintentional (natural selection). Creation is teleological; it has a purpose, a goal, an end. Evolution is accidental, like a straight flush dealt to a poker rookie.

Theistic evolution means design by chance. That’s like a square circle—there is no such thing. Blending Darwinian evolution with creation is like putting a square peg in a round hole. It just doesn’t fit.—GK, Solid Ground, Jan-Feb 97