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The Worship Effect

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Published on 10/22/2012

Greg discusses the worship effect, the Billy Graham Organization removing a “cult” from their website, and answers questions on how to prove that science isn’t everything, if you can argue someone into the kingdom, and more.


  • Commentary: The Worship Effect (00:00:00)
  • How do you reconcile wise decision making and trusting God? (00:18:33)
  • How do you prove that science isn’t everything? (00:28:03)
  • How long before a congregation reinstates a pastor with a past moral problem? (00:50:20)
  • Commentary: Billy Graham Organization Removes “Cult” from Website (00:57:23)
  • Is unbelief a sin? (01:18:35)
  • Can you argue someone into the Kingdom? (01:27:08)
  • What does the Bible teach about remarriage after divorce? (01:42:03)
  • Commentary: How to Answer the Charge “You’re Being Judgmental” (01:53:16)
  • Can the true God be found and worshiped in Islam or Mormonism? (02:02:20)
  • How do you respond to “I’m personally pro-life, but publicly pro-choice”? (02:13:36)
  • Trip to Israel (02:23:33)
  • What Scripture was Paul referring to in 2 Timothy 3:16 at the time? (02:28:56)
  • Why is the doctrine of Mary’s perpetual virginity wrong? (02:39:05)