The Truth Hasn’t Changed

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Published on 10/23/2020

Greg responds to a quote promoting Progressive Christianity, then he answers questions about basing morality on empathy, sexual temptation and the decision to marry, attending the wedding of a divorced person, whether breaking any law is a sin, and why God allows evil.


  • Commentary: The truth hasn’t changed. (00:00)
  • How should I respond to someone who says morality can be built on empathy without any reference to a divine moral lawgiver? (21:00)
  • To what degree should sexual temptation affect one’s decision about whether to get married? (33:00)
  • If Christians shouldn’t attend a same-sex wedding, should Christians not attend the wedding of a divorced person? (39:00)
  • Is it a sin to break any law? (43:00)
  • If God is a loving God, why does he allow evil? (49:00)

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