The Top Ten Posts of 2019

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 12/26/2019

We’ve reached the end of the year, so it’s time for the annual roundup of top posts. Here are the 2019 posts that received the most views this year. Enjoy!

  1. Mary, Joseph, and Jesus Were Not Refugees – “There is a thought-provoking image circulating the internet that depicts a nativity scene unlike most we’re familiar with. It’s a picture of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, each in separate cages. This image is powerful, especially in light of the current political climate. But is it truthful?”
  2. Why Men Can Speak on Abortion – “Unfortunately, any male pro-life advocate involved in the abortion debate will eventually, at one time or another, hear something like the following protest from an abortion-choice female: ‘You’re a man. Men can’t get pregnant. Abortion is a women’s issue. Therefore, you can’t speak on abortion.’”
  3. Why Is the Old Covenant Obsolete? – “Though I agree with [Andy] Stanley that the Mosaic Covenant is obsolete, I have many concerns about the book [Irresistible], and I think the root of those concerns may be his understanding of why the Old Covenant is obsolete.”
  4. Did Jesus Die on a Torture Stake? – “There are a number of problems with the view that Jesus died on a stake. Rather than provide a comprehensive case, let me give you five talking points for the next time a Jehovah’s Witness tells you Jesus died on a stake.”
  5. Why Evidence Will Not Convince Some Atheists – “[I]t is tempting to think belief in God comes down to the evidence and nothing else. On this view, it’s as if we have an ‘evidence meter’ in our heads. And when the ‘evidence meter’ reaches a certain level, we believe in God. But is it really that simple? Does belief in God merely depend on evidence?”
  6. Are Your Kids Ready to Respond to These Pro-Abortion Arguments? – “One feels a unique kind of horror when witnessing a great evil being treated as ordinary—even boring—as everyone nods and smiles in response. Which brings me to the video below.”
  7. Why Did God Create People if He Knew So Many Would Go to Hell? – “There’s much more to this story than a ‘joyful life’ vs. a ‘miserable life’ for human beings. Since God is the center of all things, not us, we need to look a little more closely at Him in order to answer this question.”
  8. The Most Politically Incorrect Bible Passage – “Though Paul’s statement might be the most politically incorrect passage, it’s also a powerfully correct passage. These are the words of our Creator, the One who sustains the universe in existence and grants our every breath. Truer words cannot be spoken.”
  9. If You Want Your Kids to Own Their Faith, Teach Them to Think Critically about Their Faith – “It’s my responsibility to teach my kids how to act.... But right behavior is not my only goal. I’m also deeply committed to teaching right thinking. In other words, it’s not only my responsibility to teach my kids how to act; it’s also my responsibility to teach them how to think.”
  10. Does the Bible Teach That Life Begins at First Breath? – “The author of Genesis is not telling us when all human beings come to life. The Bible doesn’t teach that every man comes to life at first breath any more than it teaches that every woman comes from the rib of a man (Gen. 2:21–22). If we want to know what the Bible teaches about when life begins, we are going to have to look elsewhere.”