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The Sinner-Friendly Bible

Author Melinda Penner Published on 12/05/2005

Our latest radio show is up on the site.  Greg talked a bit about some of the new Bible translations:  the gender-neutral Bible, and one characterized as “sinner friendly.”  Just as a minor example of the updates are some of the names.  Instead of Peter, James, etc. the translator uses Rocky and Brett.  I can’t get Rocky Balboa out of my mind and he doesn’t seem to fit in the Biblical text.  The justification for these extreme translations is to make it relevant for modern people.  The translators ask, What matters is getting people to read the Bible.  Well, if they’re not reading God’s message, then they’re not reading “the Bible.”  It’s true in these instances:  You can’t tell a book by it’s cover.

Greg also answered a question about the value and purpose of fasting, a Biblical passage not practiced much these days.  A caller also asked about resolving the discrepancy between unconditional election and people who lose their faith.  One caller challenged the premise of STR claiming that Jesus said to preach the Gospel, not defend it.  It was a lively show.