The Logic for the Pro-Life Position

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Published on 01/22/2012

Greg talks about rights vs privileges, the logic for the pro-life position, proving the humanity of the unborn, then takes calls on if the Christian, Jewish and Muslim God are the same, if the Old Testament Mosaic Law applies today, and more.


  • Commentary: Rights vs. Privileges
  • Commentary: The Logic for the Pro-Life Position
  • Commentary: Proving the Humanity of the Unborn
  • Are the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim God the same?
  • Does the Old Testament Mosaic Law apply today?
  • Is it biblical to call Satan Lucifer?
  • Tactic for an effective conversation.
  • What are the biblical grounds for divorce?
  • Do public officeholders validate the religions they believe in?
  • Is calling something sin being judgmental and wrong?
  • How can a pastor fall away after all he has studied and taught?
  • Should Christians manufacture joy if they don’t feel it?
  • Can one “believe” what is true or is belief reserved for fantasy?